Brand & Retail Consulting is a hub of experts with cross-cutting skills for the luxury and premium markets, supporting clients throughout strategic and operational developments.

Brand & Retail Consulting is a hub of experts with cross-cutting skills for the luxury and premium markets, supporting clients throughout strategic and operational developments.


Fashion & Leather Goods
  • M/W RTW, Lingerie, Beachwear, Accessories and Footwear

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A passion for the creative, strategic thinking, customer focus, innovation, performance, training and integrity are the enduring values of B&R Consulting

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Gain deeper insights and multi-channel solutions for clients’ projects by drawing on a hub of experts Widen the scope of solutions in connected fields by consulting experts from a number of different sectors. Optimize profitability and development through additional expertise in the luxury and premium markets. Consider the specific requirements of each field, while maintaining a global overview of the luxury and premium markets. Offer the option of tailored support from experts with a background in operations. Guarantee the strictest confidentiality and compliance with professional conduct and ethical standards. Make use of an inter-connected network.


The B&R team

A hubof consultants with operational experience in their areas of expertise.

Experts from the different worlds of the luxury and premium markets.

Specialist insight into both brand and retail.

Each expert is backed by a team of professionals.

Valérie Tondon-Durbecq
CEO and Founder, Retail Consultant and Wholesale

During 20 years of working in the retail segment for the LVMH group, Valérie has filled a number of roles including Sales Director, Business Unit Director, Purchasing Director and Branch General Manager. Passionate about fashion, a recognized expert with a wealth of experience and an impressive creative vision, today she uses her expertise to the benefit of brands and retailers.

Ana Estevane
Beauty and Fragrance Consultant

Over 20 years’ experience working for fragrance brands and in fragrance development. Ana spent 15 years working as Marketing Director for a number of fragrance manufacturers (Givaudan, Haarman and Reimer), followed by five years as a brand marketing and communications consultant. She has been helping brands develop fragrances since 2011, from design to sales.

Nathalie Lemonnier
Digital & CRM Consultant for Luxury and Fashion

Nathalie has been solving e-commerce issues since 1995, when she launched the M6 group’s first e-commerce website. She went on to consolidate her dual expertise in the fields of client marketing and digital marketing at the LVMH group for almost 10 years. During this time she launched eluxury.com, louisvuitton.com, dior.com/beauty among others. Since 2009 she has been advising luxury firms, helping resolve their client relations and digital issues. An associate university lecturer, she teaches digital marketing, CRM and communications at a number of schools and universities.

Irène Van Ryb
Fashion Consultant

Having created an eponymous brand, Irène Van Ryb is a renowned expert with over 20 years’ experience in developing and managing collections, in addition to production management for women’s fashion. Today, Irène puts her skills and experience at the service of a number of fashion schools (ISEM, ESMOD, Institut Mode Méditerranée). She also builds partnerships between manufacturers, distribution chains and designers in France and worldwide.

Françoise Portier
Hotel and Catering Consultant

With 25 years spent in the luxury hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant industry at her back, Françoise is a staunch defender of the role of purchasing in giving businesses a competitive edge, with an unwavering respect for the product, the client and the outcome. Having graduated from ESSEC in 2010 with a Master’s in Purchasing, she managed the upstream and downstream purchasing for the renovation of a luxury hotel in Paris.

Alain Wiart
Licensing and Accessories Consultant

During his 20 years of experience at prestigious fashion accessory houses (Longchamp, Stéphane Kélian, Cacharel, Doré-Doré and Timberland), Alain took on the roles of International Sales Director and Licensing Director. He has built up in-depth knowledge of the French luxury and premium fashion accessories markets and the European footwear market.

Wei Chen
Asia Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle Consultant

With a wealth of experience working for luxury and fashion brands, from Head of Asia Pacific Client Marketing for Louis Vuitton to Director of International Affairs for Hermès and creating the Shang Xia brand for Hermès. For four years Wei has advised and supported luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands in the areas of market penetration, development and operations management in Asia. Brands include Zilli, Baccarat, Sandro, Maje, etc. She also advises investment funds on their international luxury brand acquisition strategies.



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